We moved over to GCS as we found that our current insurer was not providing us with good value for money.  (We are a recreational gymnastics club, so did not need to be affiliated to BG). 
Moving to GCS was the best thing we could have done!  The transition over to them was simple and pain-free, and the support we received was incredible. Not to mention the fact that we have saved money too!
Parents are extremely happy to have something back for their insurance money – the Follow-Along-Lessons are used frequently by our Gymnasts at home and they are always excited to tell us about the videos they have watched.  
Our Coaches are enjoying the qualifications section of the system, and they find the videos and explanations very easy to follow.  We really like the way that GCS listens to our feedback and tries to find ways to make things work for us as not every Club is the same.  The additional Coaches modules of onboarding and health & safety are extras which we were not expecting, but are very grateful for and have incorporated into our staff training plans.   
The ongoing advice we receive as a Business is invaluable – as a newer Club we have often asked GCS for their opinion about different aspects of management. We receive very high quality, fast and helpful responses.  There are also online business courses that we have access to, along with templates and documents which all help us to make our Club the best we can be.
We cannot recommend GCS highly enough – the value for money, customer service, and business/coaching toolkits which come with our package are well worth the money, and far cheaper than others!