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Affiliate Insurance, Coaching Courses & Qualifications

Is your Insurance too expensive?

Are you overpaying for insurance, and feel like your are being ripped off?Our clubs save hundreds, and some thousands of pounds by using GCS as their gymnastics membership body.

Coaches Leaving For Uni Every Year?

Stop paying to qualify new coaches every September. Gym Club Solutions provides FREE level 1 coaching courses, which can be completed online under the guidance of a mentor coach.

Can't Get Qualified Quick Enough?

Consistent, reliable and recurring courses and provided to qualify your coaches on time. Say goodbye to the days of not being able to find your coaches a course. Get your coaches qualified and insured on time.


I was paying so much money for insurance and qualifications it was becoming unsustainable. After joining Gym Club Solutions I have saved so much money, and I have been able to expand and grow at speed because of the online training opportunities, and the fair prices affiliation. I highly reccomend Gym Club solutions.

Toby Mccarthy

Owner – Tricknastics Academy


The ongoing advice we receive as a Business is invaluable – as a newer Club we have often asked GCS for their opinion about different aspects of management. We receive very high quality, fast and helpful responses. We cannot recommend GCS highly enough – the value for money, customer service, and business/coaching toolkits which come with our package are well worth the money, and far cheaper than others!

Kate & Rachel

Owners – Stevenage Gymnastics

Gym Club Solutions has been so helpful for me overseeing multiple gymnastics clubs. The educational content is so easy and quick to access, it has made my job of ensuring everyone is qualified and organised across all clubs easy. With their resources, I can confidently say that each coach and team member is not only well-trained, qualified and insured.

Keenan Hilton

EA Gymnastics – Area Manager


With a growing community of thousands of active members, Gym Club Solutions is trusted by gymnastics clubs across the UK. Join our thriving network and experience the benefits of our solutions for insurance, qualifications and booking software

GCS booking software

With over 5 years of development by experienced club owners, we provide our own bespoke booking software for clubs. No software is as specfic and pays attention to detail for running a gymnastics club like ours. We save you money and time, taking away the stress of running a club


4500+ members strong: Join a vibrant community of over 4500 members who have chosen Gym Club Solutions as their trusted partner for gymnastics management. Experience the support and resources that have made us the go-to solution for gym clubs in the UK.

Clubs Insured

10 clubs registered and counting: Gym Club Solutions is the modern choice for gymnastics clubs, with 10 clubs already benefiting from our streamlined insurance. Join our growing network and discover how we can transform your club’s operations for improved efficiency and success.

About Gym Club Solutions

At Gym Club Solutions, we are dedicated to revolutionising the way gymnastics clubs operate. With over 30 years of industry experience and a community of 3000+ active members, we bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise to help your club thrive. Our comprehensive solutions encompass streamlined registrations, integrated insurance coverage, immediate access to online theory coaching courses, practical coaching opportunities, and even business coaching from our partner EA Gymnastics. Join our vibrant network and experience the benefits of our affordable, accessible, and expertly guided approach. Let us empower your club to reach new heights of success

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