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Introduction to Gym Club Solutions

The beginnings of Gym Club Solutions was founded when Ashleigh Moore & Benjamin Walker started scaling the EA Gymnastics. EA Gymnastics is a gymnastics club with 9 locations across the UK. In order to scale the company succesfully, there were three major hurdles which needed to be tackled. Finding a booking software which was specific to gymnastics which automated admin tasks. Finding an easier and more cost effective way to insure the clubs, coaches and gymnasts. Finding a faster and more effective way to train, and qualify gymnastics coaches.

The search for a specfic gymnastics booking software, a more cost effective way of affiliating members and a faster and more effective way of training and qualifying coaches was very much unsuccesful.

This is how Gym Club Solutions was founded… Ben and Ash took it apon themsevles to create these 3 crucial services in order to scale and develop their clubs. Due to the success of the EA clubs, it was decided the 3 services would be made public for other clubs to use, to help other grow and scale without having to overcome the same hurdles.

Gymnastics Specific Booking Software

Club, Staff & Gymnast Insurance

Coaching Courses & Qualifications


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