Stevenage Gymnastics Clubs (SGC) greatly benefited from the invaluable support and assistance provided by Gym Club Solutions, professional guidance assisting with their operational needs.

Swift Assistance Gym Club Solutions promptly deleted users, corrected usernames, and resolved issues, showcasing quick problem-solving abilities, when help was needed.

Efficiency on Mobile – Demonstrated the capability to handle tasks efficiently via mobile, speeding up issue resolution.

Course Development –  Created accessible courses for gymnastics levels, ensuring secure access for authorised personnel.

Responsive and Helpful – Gym Club Solutions readily accommodated requests, making course modifications and ensuring clarity on course content.

Resource Sharing – Shared badge syllabus, certificates, and valuable skill videos, enabling coaches to align club courses with broader skills.

Empowering Coaches – Provided video tutorials, enabling coaches and gymnasts to learn and practice skills effectively.

Continuous Improvement – Promptly corrected course errors and addressed issues arising during content transition.

Support Beyond Courses – Provided guidance on insurance certificates and additional training courses for staff development.

Proactive Course Development – Anticipated needs by planning to roll out MAG & freestyle add-ons for future course offerings.

Support and Expertise – Shared valuable resources on health and safety courses, enhancing staff training and development.

Professional Advice – Engaged actively with insurance providers to clarify earring-related policy concerns for a clearer understanding.

Extra Support – Offers advice and guidance on potential venue solutions for expanding the club’s facilities.


The consistent, proactive, and supportive approach taken by Gym Club Solutions significantly contributed to enhancing the club’s operational efficiency, staff development, and course content reliability. Gym Club Solutions’ dedication and responsiveness positively impacted the club’s functionality and future growth prospects.


The ongoing support and expertise provided by Gym Club Solutions proved instrumental in enhancing Stevenage Gymnastics Clubs’ operations, ensuring reliable courses and staff development, thereby contributing positively to the club’s success and future aspirations.