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I am extremely pleased with the service I receive. I can educate my coaches online without having to pay fees for travel, hotels or course days. I am provided with help to grow my business, improve my staff and my gymnasts can also use the resources to practise at home. I would reccomend Gym Club Solutions to anyone who is running or wants to start a gymnastics club in the UK.

Toby Mccarthy

Owner – Tricknastics Academy


The ongoing advice we receive as a Business is invaluable – as a newer Club we have often asked GCS for their opinion about different aspects of management. We receive very high quality, fast and helpful responses.  There are also online business courses that we have access to, along with templates and documents which all help us to make our Club the best we can be. We cannot recommend GCS highly enough – the value for money, customer service, and business/coaching toolkits which come with our package are well worth the money, and far cheaper than others!

Kate & Rachel

Owners – Stevenage Gymnastics

Since we have been using Gym Club Solutions the amount of coaches we have been able to educate has dramatically increased. We always had trouble with staff going off to university, however with the GCS platform we are able to educate new coaches faster than ever. We are also able to set our gymnasts homework with the follow along vidoes, without going out of our way to have to create it all. I would highly reccomend GCS.

Keenan Hilton

EA Gymnastics – Area Manager


If I Purchase this membership, will my club, coaches and gymnasts be insured?

When you purchase a (NON AFFILIATED) membership, your club, coaches and gymnasts WILL NOT benefit from our group insurance policy. This membership is for educational purposes only, and DOES NOT make your club, coaches or gymnasts affiliates of Gym Club Solutions.

After I have completed my free trial, how do I continue onto a paid plan?

After you have completed your free trial, navigate to the subscriptions tab within your account. Select the three dots located at the right side of the screen and select change plan. You can then select the amount of coaches and gymnasts you would like to register.

What will this membership provide me as a business owner/manager/head coach

Your business/club will now hold a NON AFFILIATED membership with gym club solutions. As a person of significant control, you will gain access to business content & coaching from the GCS team. Regular webinars will take place where you can learn, share and improve vital skills such as marketing, sales, services & systems.

What will this membership provide my coaches?

Your coaches will now hold a NON AFFILIATED membership with gym club solutions. As a coach, they will gain access to our FREE online courses which they can complete and use for educational purposes. We provide a skills library which have been broken down by the GCS team, to give them the best coaching information in the palm of their hands. They will have access to coaching education webinars held by the GCS team to help mentor & provide any tips.

What will this membership provide my gymnasts?

Your gymnasts will now hold a NON AFFILIATED membership with gym club solutions. As a gymnast they will gain access to a pre-recorded library of follow along classes which they will be able to take part in at home. The sessions are based around improving flexibility, strength and basic skills. They will also be able to take part in live home classes provided by the GCS team and special guest gymnasts.

How do I get insured by Gym Club Solutions?

To get insured by Gym Club Solutions, you will need to register as an affiliated club.

Can I register my coaches & gymnasts whilst i'm on a free trial?

You will not be able to register coaches & gymnasts. The free trial is purely for club owners, managers and head coaches to navigate the platform and see the value which GCS offers to their club, coaches and gymnasts.