Coach/Staff Membership

Membership Prices & Information Below

10 Staff

£25 / month

20 Staff

£50 / month

30 Staff

£75 / month

Why should I affiliate my Coaches/Staff with GCS?

Gym Club Solutions is a modern membership body built by the team at EA Gymnastics. EA Gymnastics has successfully opened 9 gymnastics clubs in 4 years, and would love to share with you how we grew our coaching team successfully. When affiliating your coaches/ staff with Gym Club Solutions they will get access to the following benefits:


As part of your club membership with Gym Club Solutions you automatically receive the benefit of the group insurance policy.

In brief, the Gym Club Solutions insurance provides the following cover: Public & Products Liability, Professional Indemnity, Employers Liability, Management Liability, Personal Accident, Abuse Cover (More information on this can be found on our insurance page).

Coaching Qualifications

Your coaches will benefit from FREE online coaching qualifications recognised and insured by Gym Club Solutions.

These Include: Level 1 General, WAG, MAG Freestyle

Level 2 Theory in General, WAG, MAG, Freestle

Badge Syllabus

Gym Club Solutions has a fantastic badge syllabus which is creative, developmental and motivating for gymnasts to practise and engage with.

Expert Skill Breakdowns

Your club will have FREE access to a wide range of coaching resources. Difficult skills have been broken down into steps and stages, and produced into high quality footage by industry experts for your club to access for free.

Routine Videos

Your club will gain access to videos for the routines of all competitions held by Gym Club Solutions.

Competitions / Events

You will have priority access to all GCS competitions, CPD, workshops and business events.


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