Step 1 – Go to the cancellations page on your clubs website – Read the following document for tips to prepare for a cancellation call Prepare for Cancellation Call

Step 2 – Call the parents who have requested to cancel their child’s membership, try to offer them a solutions to stay – Read the following document to execute the cancellation call Executing the Cancellation Call

Step 3 – Keep track of your cancellation calls by tracking your data in the tracking sheet – Tracking Sheet

Scenario 1 – Parent accepts a retrial – Add the re-trial details to the clubs google Calendar so you are aware they have tried to cancel but are willing to trial a different option

1.1Gymnast attends trial – Offer the gymnast extra support in the class and talk to the parent after the class and let them know how they got on. – What to do before, during and after session Document

1.2 Follow up call after the trial period has ended to see if they still want to cancel or stay with the new solutions we have offered – How to do a follow up call after cancelation trialsFollow up call

1.3 Update the gymnasts subscriptions if they have changed class etc.

1.4 Update the tracking sheet

Scenario 2 – Parent does not accept a re-trial. Remove child from EA Website

2.1 Remove child from GCS Account